“This book will reshape how you think about the world. It is bound to provoke people on both the left and the right.”
Larry Summers, former Secretary of the Treasury

About Ruchir Sharma

Ruchir Sharma is Chairman of Rockefeller International and Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Breakout Capital, an investment firm focused on emerging markets. He moved to Rockefeller in 2022 after a 25 year career at Morgan Stanley Investment Management, where he was Head of Emerging Markets and Chief Global Strategist.

Based in New York, he is a contributing editor at the Financial Times. His work has also appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, Foreign Affairs, The Atlantic, The Guardian, and Foreign Policy. Ruchir is the author of Breakout Nations, a 2012 international bestseller, The Rise and Fall of Nations, a 2016 New York Times bestseller, Democracy on the Road, 2019, The 10 Rules of Successful Nations, 2020 and most recently, What Went Wrong with Capitalism, 2024.

About What Went Wrong with Capitalism

A century of expanding government has distorted financial markets, stoked massive inequality, and soaked America in debt.

Capitalism didn’t fail, it was ruined...

What went wrong with capitalism? Ruchir Sharma’s account is not like any you will have heard before. He says progressives are right, in part, when they mock modern capitalism as “socialism for the rich.” For a century, governments have expanded in just about every measurable dimension, from spending to regulation and the scale of financial rescues when the economy wobbles. The result is expensive state guarantees for everyone—bailouts for the rich, entitlements for the middle class, welfare for the poor.

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